A Fresh Face for Bathroom Cabinet: Cabinet Redooring

Cabinet refacing and replacement is a great way to update the look of your bathroom. It’s a less-invasive and more affordable option than a complete kitchen renovation and offers plenty of style flexibility to suit your design preferences. Cabinet redooring is also a more environmentally friendly choice than purchasing new cabinets since it minimizes waste. But what exactly is this process and how does it work? Read on to learn more about cabinet redooring and how it can help you breathe new life into your home’s bathroom space.

During refacing, your original cabinet boxes are left intact, while the existing drawer fronts and cabinet doors are removed. Then, the cabinet boxes are cleaned and refreshed, allowing them to accept new hardware and to be painted or stained to match your desired aesthetic. Finally, the new door styles and materials are affixed to the cabinet boxes, resulting in a stunning transformation that’s a fraction of the cost and disruption of a complete kitchen remodel.

While refacing is an excellent alternative to an entire kitchen renovation, there are some limitations. For one, it doesn’t allow for significant structural changes, which may be a concern if your cabinets are older or have suffered damage over time. Additionally, refacing isn’t the best choice if you want to incorporate any specialized features into your cabinets, such as a built-in pantry or wine rack.

When it comes to cabinet refacing, there are several options for the material of the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Real wood veneers are a popular choice, offering natural warmth and a classic style that can be stained or painted to your specifications. Laminate is another budget-friendly option that’s available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. It’s also resistant to moisture, which makes it a good choice for our warm and humid South Florida climate.

If you decide to go with laminate, it’s important to choose high-quality products to ensure long-lasting durability and a beautiful finish. Always apply a primer first, and deglosser if needed, before you start spraying the final product. Test the paint sprayer on a piece of scrap wood before applying to your cabinets to ensure you have the right flow and thickness. Always wipe the nozzle frequently during the spraying process to prevent drips and ensure an even coat of paint.

When it’s time to install the new door and drawer fronts, take care to align them properly before installing them. It’s helpful to label the location of each cabinet before you begin, and it’s a good idea to wait to attach any cabinet hardware until after the doors are in place. When you’re done, be sure to wipe down the surfaces to remove any dust or residue and allow them to dry completely before reinstalling. You’ll also want to test out your cabinet hardware to make sure it works properly with the new hinges and handles. If you need the service of a Tampa bathroom cabinet redooring company in visit https://www.tampacabinetrefinishing.net/.

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